Based in Canton, Ohio, USA, Castlebar Corporation is a manufacturer/distributor that provides high performance tungsten carbide and other industrial products to metal cutting machine shops, factories, and other businesses and government agencies throughout the United States and abroad.

Pulling on the specialized engineering experience and background in the metal cutting and carbide industry we began manufacturing, stocking and distributing products in 2011. Castlebar has now become one of the industry’s leading providers of high performance tungsten carbide.

Global Engineering:

Not only do we maintain and monitor the manufacturing process, but we also work closely with you from the start of a new project, design, or grade to the end user and/or application. Our expertise is in the engineering and manufacturing processes, so we love to help and improve any way we can to make sure your goals and initiatives are accomplished. You can be sure that we understand all your specifications and quality requirements as well as make sure they are followed at all aspects of production, shipping, and receiving.

Global Logistics:
Because of our world-wide reach and expertise we take care of all the logistics necessary for our materials to be manufactured and shipped to your dock when needed. We take care of all the freight and customs services, warehousing & storage, JIT programs, and replenishment programs to make sure that you can focus on the things that you do well. Our warehousing and inventory facilities throughout the world can accomplish all your JIT goals so you never have a “stock-out” situation again.