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2HSG 11mm x 330mm, 3.5mm BC, 1.2mm DS, Round, Ground, Grade 1008
2 Hole, Straight Coolant Rod, Ground
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Item Description

2 Hole Straight 11mm x 330mm 3.5mm Bolt Circle 1.2 Duct Size Ground 10% Cobalt Grade 1008

Diameter: 11.0mm

Diameter (Decimal): 0.433"

h6 Tolerance: +0mm/-0.0011mm

Length: 330mm

Length (Decimal): 12.992"

Chamfer: None

Tolerance: +3.1mm/-0mm

Duct Size: 1.2mm

Diameter (Decimal): 0.0472"

Bolt Circle: 3.5mm

Diameter (Decimal): 0.1378

Pitch: None

Weight: 1.0025 lbs.

Material: Tungsten Carbide

Grain Size: Sub-Micron

Grade: 1008

Hardness: 92.1 HRa

TRS (MPa): 3700

Surface Finish: High Polished (0.1μm Max Ra)

Product Features
  • 10% Cobalt

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